Versatile, accurate and efficient construction alternatives

Complete roofing & walling solutions

Large span trusses

Large span steel trusses are an efficient alternative for the construction of buildings which would usually required costly and cumbersome timber roof trusses. Our large span light steel trusses are also an efficient and suitable replacement for structural steel in wider buildings.

Scottsdale construction system

Trumod manufactures large span roof trusses using the Scottsdale construction system – an internationally acclaimed and market leading technology in the steel frame construction industry. If required, Trumod will manufacture your solution on site. Trumod also offers a complete roofing solution to meet your needs.

Ideal uses | Schools, Churches, Commercial buildings, Factories and warehouses

Light steel framing

Light steel framing systems, designed and manufactured on the internationally acclaimed FRAMECAD® software paired with Framemaster equipment, have wide variety of applications including:

FRAMECAD® & Framemaster System
  • Structures for residential houses
  • Façades
  • Commercial walling systems
  • Flooring systems

Our system is extremely versatile. Uses range from load-bearing wall structures, which accommodate infill panels, in commercial and residential applications, a variety of façade configurations and flooring systems for modular construction.

This type of construction offers a number of advantages over conventional construction, including time saving, cost-efficiency and accuracy.

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We offer training

In order to add value to the industry over and above the various building systems that we manufacture and supply, Trumod operates a training campus which specialises in training building contractors and their staff.
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This ensures that Trumod’s different systems are utilised to maximum effect. Those attending training are coached in all aspects of the construction process, from laying concrete slabs to erecting the steel frames, the various panels, and assembling and erecting the lightweight roof structures.

In addition, we will train them to assemble a complete roof, from putting in the insulation to installing the roof covering, be it tiling or sheeting. Although we train in all aspects of construction, our particular emphasis is on alternative building technologies.

While we do not provide a contracting service ourselves, as our focus is on manufacture and supply, we believe that our training college fulfils an important need in the market for assisting in skills development.

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