One of the largest suppliers of roofing systems for RDP houses in Southern Africa

Complete roofing solutions

RDP Roofing

Fast and Easy assembly

Trumod is one of the largest suppliers of roofing systems for RDP houses and small homes in the southern African market. Our optimised truss profile delivers a highly efficient truss which can be flat-packed, delivered to and assembled on site, thus minimising expensive transport costs.

All RDP roofing materials are pre-cut and punched for fast and easy assembly, no jigs are required on site. We will train installers when required. In addition, Trumod supplies the components for a full roofing solution, to meet your needs. These include assembly components, accessories, roof sheeting or tiling.

Residential roof trusses

Flat packed and delivered to you

Trumod is able to manufacture and supply steel roof trusses for residential applications. These are ideal for roofing in areas where the supply of timber is problematic, where termites and other pests pose a problem for timber.

Trumod’s trusses are pre-manufactured in our factory, flat-packed and delivered to your site, where they are then assembled. This offering has the added benefit of saving on excessive transport costs in moving assembled timber roof trusses. Along with the steel roof trusses, Trumod supplies all the other components and accessories for assembling a complete roof to suit your needs.

Roof sheeting & tiling

A complete roofing solution

Trumod is able to supply a complete roofing solution to clients if required. This includes roof sheeting or tiling, under-tile membranes, fascias, barge-boards, connectors and other accessories. Trumod will pre-pack all items and deliver them to site to suit your requirements.

All Trumod’s steel roof sheeting is manufactured in-house, and includes a variety of profiles including corrugated, IBR and wide-span. Should you require an assembly service, we can also contract with a third party to provide this service, to meet your needs.

Structural certification

We contract a variety of services in to offer our clients an expanded package. The structural integrity of the building has to be “certified” by an engineer or architect. This process starts once concept drawings are accepted. Should you need the services of an engineer or architect – we would review the basic design and propose a suitable candidate.

Environmental impact

As an “alternative building method” – light steel framing has a distinct advantage to offer a “GREEN” build. In general the building will be erected with significantly less waste, cost effective recyclable materials and quicker than conventional brick and mortar structures.

This construction method lends itself well to effective insulation. The sustainability of our environment is however not only reliant on these attributes. The longer term effect of building in light steel frame is not only in the cost saving due to using less electricity but the effect electricity generation has on our environment.

Assisting in skills development

In order to add value to the industry over and above the various building systems that we manufacture and supply, Trumod operates a training campus which specialises in training building contractors and their staff.
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This ensures that Trumod’s different systems are utilised to maximum effect. Those attending training are coached in all aspects of the construction process, from laying concrete slabs to erecting the steel frames, the various panels, and assembling and erecting the lightweight roof structures.

In addition, we will train them to assemble a complete roof, from putting in the insulation to installing the roof covering, be it tiling or sheeting. Although we train in all aspects of construction, our particular emphasis is on alternative building technologies.

While we do not provide a contracting service ourselves, as our focus is on manufacture and supply, we believe that our training college fulfils an important need in the market for assisting in skills development.

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